Story Tip-offs

Know something we don’t?

Despite the best efforts of our editorial team, Pride News does not pretend to be the only source of groundbreaking news and data. Given the interactive nature of our news offering Pride News has created a platform for readers to provide insightful tips on stories out there because we at Pride News recognize news dissemination is indeed a partnership.

We therefore acknowledge as a matter of principle that there will always be always a number of skeletons in the cupboard, dubious business transactions, terrible secrets and hidden wrong-doings to uncover which we are not always best placed to unearth or discover. But remember, we don’t only report on ‘crooked politicians or business moguls with their fingers in the till.’ Pride News focuses on stories of public interest throughout the length and breath of Limpopo in areas as diverse as general news, business, sport, arts and lifestyle.

Tips for tip-offs

  • Be as concise and specific as possible.
  • Your information will be treated as confidential.
  • Your name won’t be published on the website unless you consent to it.
  • Pride News has a broadly national focus — we’re unlikely to report on mundane humane interest stories such as a cat climbing a tree.

Blow the whistle safely and anonymously

We cannot guarantee that your tip-off will turn into a story — and we cannot respond to every tip-off received — but our editorial staff will carefully evaluate and verify your information and contact you if they find it useful and worth pursing to seek additional clarification.

If you want to send our editorial team a tip-off about what you believe is a groundbreaking story, either big or small, you are also welcome to email us your details at or call us at

Tel: +27 15 291 1896 / +27 71 821 8042 / +27 652 2434 / +2784 014 8440 or simply complete the form below.